Powerful Messaging

Imagine being able to set up a new standing order through your messaging app. The messaging app would connect to your bank’s systems, and understand and execute your request directly, without the need to navigate a different app. It could also send you a message to confirm the action had been completed.

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Across organizations

Unlike other tools, Telemail lets you communicate with any other Telemail user, across organizations and regardless of team set up. It's an open network and users can be part of multiple teams.

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Messaging upgraded

Telemail is a best-of-breed technologies that helps your business succeed.

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Since 1993

Where your organization and external users work together


Customer conversations, offer management with clients and party announcements deserve an organized place where your team can work together. Stay on top of every conversation within your company and make sure your business stays organized no matter how fast you grow.


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Join Telemail today. It is a great communication tool, that will change the way you interact.